Over the years, the situation of women in Argentina has worsened.

In November 2018, the “Ni Una Menos” movement presented the results of the first National Index of Machista Violence in Argentina, a survey that involved more than 59,000 women from all over the country.

The findings showed that 79% of the women surveyed were once harassed on public transport, 69% of the women were afraid of being raped at least once, 97% of the women interviewed lived at least one situation of violence with one of their partners and 95% of women who have been in a situation that warranted a complaint. Finally, one in three did not evaluate it with anyone, a characteristic that increases as the educational level of the interviews was determined.

One of the most affected social groups tends to be the lowest class suffering from poverty, which according to different reports per 100 men living in poor households in the region, there were 113 women in a similar situation.

Given this problem, the national government reduced funding of the only agency responsible for designing specific policies to combat and defend the rights of women, the National Women’s Institute (INAM), which suffered a sharp cut in absolute and relative terms in its budget for 2019.

The National Plan of Action for the Eradication of Violence of INAM against women received this year less than in 2018, which, added to inflation, means a 60% cut in resources in just one year. The final number obtained is that the State currently allocates just over 11 Argentine pesos (USD 20 cents) per woman per year to care for it, an alarming figure for experts.

Dizzying growth
According to the last report of the National Government of August, Argentina reports a “vertiginous growth” in cases of gender violence.

The local scenario shows that, in the year 2018, 5,712 cases of some type of violence were registered, while in the year 2019 in the country the number reaches 3,199, in calls to the line of complaints against violence against women.

Moreover, the national emergency line in the second part of the year dates back to the fact that, in them, 9 out of 10 cases manifest themselves in the form of psychological violence and 7 out of 10 in the form of physical violence. In percentages 94.5% are psychological violence; 68.9% physical; 10.7% sexual; 38.1% economic and 39.8% symbolic. Almost 93.4% of the modalities of violence occur in the domestic sphere while the rest occur outside of it. Almost 81.3% contacted the 144 line.

According to the data provided by the National Government, the victim’s relationship with the offender is usually spousal, partner or even former partner. According to figures, 9 out of 10 cases are violated by your partner, boyfriend and former partner. In addition, a large percentage of which absolutely no information is known for fear of reprisals for lack of contention when making the complaint.

The figures at a general level, in the international context, one in three women have suffered physical or sexual violence, mainly from a sentimental partner. When it comes to sexual harassment, this figure is even higher.

By Lucas S., Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina


For more information, access: http://contalaviolenciamachista.com/resumen.html