In mid-May, the NGO HOPE NOT HATE denounced that a group of European far-right activists were trying to block the arrival of an NGO ship in the Mediterranean. Since them, HOPE NOT HATE started a campaign against the far right movement Defende Europe, which intends to block humanitarian assistance to people that arrive in Europe through the Mediterranean.


This movement seems to have increased in Europe and poses a threat to millions of refugges that remain in camps in the Mediterranean and also to those people who intend to flee from conflict areas in Africa and Middle East. In order to raise awareness on this situation, HOPE NOT HATE produced a detailed briefing that shows how this movement intends to act and how dangerous it can be. To sum up, Defende Europe is currently raising funds to charter a ship and use it to block the arrival of humanitarian ships in the Mediterranean.


You can access the full document here:


According to UNHCR, in 2016 there were 65,5 million people displaced all over the world. 51% of them are children. The number of refugees reached a pick of 22,5 million people.