In a world where religious intolerance seems to be increasingly intense, Christian groups have become targets of persecution. According to the NGO Open Doors, which monitors this type of religious persecution, five years ago only one country was considered a high-risk place for Christians, North Korea. Today that number went up to eleven.

The NGO released this year’s ranking of the 50 most dangerous countries to express the Christian faith. North Korea tops the list followed by Afghanistan, Somalia, Libya, Pakistan, Sudan, Eritrea, Yemen, Iran, India, and Syria. Overall, it is estimated that about 4,136 Christians have been murdered because of their faith in 2018.




According to the World Watch List 2019, persecution of Christians is intensifying and spreading. More than 245 million people have been persecuted because they believe in Jesus Christ. 1 in 9 Christians is persecuted due to his faith.

These statistics reveal that persecution of Christians in Asia has become more frequent. In addition to expressing the problem in numbers, the report also brings stories of Christians who had to flee to stay alive and highlights the impact of such radical behavior on children.

Although this trend is expanding in Asia, don’t think this type of religious intolerance is restricted to that region. According to the report, Christians have also been persecuted in Colombia and Mexico – Christian majority countries. In Colombia, the presence of guerrillas continues to pose a threat to Christians. In Mexico, according to the report, organized crime is primarily responsible for attacks against Christians.

By Bruno Gentile (UFRJ / Brazil)


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