• Jewish cemetery vandalised in France
  • synagogue vandalised on Sabbath in Brooklyn
  • man with a swastika banner in the streets of London


The antisemitic demonstrations above mentioned didn’t happen a long time ago. They happened in February 2019. Many countries have registered an increase in the number of antisemitic offenses and despite growing efforts to prevent violent extremism, young people remain set aside when it comes to strategies to restrain the advance of antisemitism.


In face of recent events, Words Heal the World decided to organise the Day Against Antisemitism in partnership with 3 Jewish societies based in London. On March 11th, Queen Mary University, Imperial College London, and King’s College London will host talks about antisemitism from different perspectives to provide young people with the necessary tools to challenge it. Speakers confirmed are:  Dr Daniel Allington (King’s College London) and Hinyomin Gilbert (Campaign Against Antisemitism), Rabbi Jonathan Tawil (TAL – Torah Action Life), and Euan Philipps (Labour Against Antisemitism). One of the topics addressed will be the spread of antisemitic conspiracy theories.


In a world where information became a commodity and where the concept of truth became less important than emotions, it is of paramount importance empower young people to tackle antisemitism. We should not overlook the fact extremists spend hours inciting hate on the internet. It is time to empower young people to use social media for peace.


Join us in this pioneer demonstration of peace. You only have two options: remain silent and let hate spread, or share this message and help promote peace. History has already shown the impact of the silence of good people. There is still time to shape a better future. It is a matter of choice.


By Beatriz Buarque