Sons and Daughters of the World

Sons and Daughters of the World was by a mother who lost her son due to radicalization. Karolina Dam was the first Danish parent of an ISIS member to speak openly about the issues and has been interviewed by many media networks, researchers, students as her story enables people to understand the consequences of what happens when recruiters get a hold of their kids.



Karolina made headlines in Danish media in March 2015, just 3 months after loosing her son, when she went public with the story of her 18 year old son, Lukas, who travelled to Syria in June 2014 and ending up joining ISIS. Karolina lost her son in December 26, 2014 and ever since has struggled to understand what went wrong and how her son ended his life. He was reportedly killed in Kobanî / Syria during a collision attack. Since the loss of her son, she has been working on all issues regarding help and support to the families involved with radicalization.



Karolina Dam is the founder of Son and Daughters of the World, a network and consulting forum for families/parents of radicalized children and it also provides counseling for siblings. Sons and Daughters of the World was created to combat radicalization and to put focus on many issues associated with it. In its network of parents, Karolina tries to create room for the ones left behind where peace, love and understanding is key. May it be screening their kids, information towards deradicalization units, information regarding authorities, lawyers and information about the actual events in Syria / Iraq regarding their son/daughter and of course grief support.



Karolina has been working hard with FATE/ Families Against Terrorism and Extremism, which is an organic network of organizations working in communities across Europe and North Africa to prevent radicalization, counter violent extremism and fight back against terrorism.