Rescue Association of Tunisians Trapped Abroad (RATTA) was founded in November 2013 to provide families of young fighters who left home with legal advice and help rehabilitating and reintegrating youngsters who returned to Tunisia in a coordinate work with authorities and the local government. RATTA has also developed educational activities and campaigns to raise awareness on the consequences of radicalization in Tunisia and abroad.


The NGO was founded by Mohamed Ikbal Ben Rejeb in 2013. At that time, his brother returned home from Syria after realizing he had made a big mistake leaving home. The drama of his family motivated him to help others that were losing their sons, who were being brainwashed with extremist ideologies.


Currently, RATTA assists 250 families and around 20 youngsters who returned from Syria and Iraq. The organization offers intensive counseling in order to neutralize the violent ideology that was absorbed by these young men.



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