Operation 250

Operation 250 is a non-profit organization created in 2016 by a group of University students. It works to educate children, parents and teachers about online safety and violent extremism.


The organization has an online educational platform with information regarding extremism, such as the signs of radicalization and council for parents who may have a child going through a radicalization or grooming process.


In September 2017, the organization will start to hold activities in the classroom setting in their native area of Boston. They will host seminars and programs for local school districts to teach about radicalization, violent extremism, critical thinking and online safety. The hope is that by equipping children and their central gatekeepers, parents and educators, with practical knowledge about these topics, they will be better prepared to protect themselves online in the digital age.


Seminars and classrooms programs will be taught by the organization with assistance from the classroom’s primary educator. Videos, simulations, and critical thinking activities will be key components of the curriculum. Samples of the curriculum can be viewed under the ‘Table Talks’ section of the website.