Volunteers – Brazil (UFRJ), UK, and Argentina


Hope News

A group of media students is responsible for monitoring positive news and producing content to spread messages of hope during a moment of high anxiety derived from the Covid19 pandemic. This project emerged from the need to show the public that, even during such a difficult time, we can still see some sparks of hope.

Supervision: Laura R.

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Volunteers – Brazil (UFRJ)


Mandela Mile

Our Brazil-based team is responsible for producing content to boost the global campaign Mandela Mile on different social media platforms. Mandela Mile is a campaign envisaged by Shanthi Annan to empower a community of 100,000 mindful leaders who are inspired, ready to, speak out, and rebuild our world.

Supervision: Pedro T.

Partner: Mandela Mile.

Watch this video to know more about the Mandela Mile: