Afghans Against Extremism

The group Afghans Against Extremism was founded by Ali Aziz in 2015 and is currently located in Toronto, Canada.


Ali was studying at York University when he realized he needed to create an organization focused on Afghan politics in order to raise awareness on the necessity of preventing Taliban from becoming more powerful in Afghanistan and in other countries. He, then, founded Afghans Against Extremism in October, 2015, and in two years the group have reached more than two hundred followers and many volunteers who have talked about the situation in Afghanistan.


The main goals of the group are :
– Prevent the Taliban, and other extremist groups, from infiltrating Afghanistan.

– Prevent Taliban, and other extremist groups, already within Afghanistan from escaping and seeking safe havens in Pakistan.

– Put the Afghan government in a strong position to negotiate with Pakistan to stop funding and arming Taliban officials and other extremist groups.

– Halt the expansion of radicalization from the south and secure the Afghan government real control over its territory.


Afghans Against Extremism encourages young generations to participate in discussions about Afghan situation as a strategy to pressure the government to protect the southern border – main entrance for extremist groups.


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